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Special Events

Special Events

Zürich 2020 
Birthday Pool Party


Miami 2020 
Art Galory the Gallery

Solo Exhibition & Birthday
Lala's Osipova


Zürich 2021
Piaget & Fashion Emergency.

Special mix for Catwalk & Apero

Piaget Special Event

Piaget Special Event

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Russian Fever Vera Parish
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Serbia, Belgrad 2022
Fashion Show

Special mix for Catwalk 

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First Date

Each of us experienced a special feeling when that moment came in life - a first date.  The perfect first date is sure to be memorable if it takes place in the most unconventional place! What place would you personally choose?

We are announcing a contest that can capture these feelings in a photo.  We are looking for the most unique photographies that can sincerely convey the feeling of anticipation and excitement of a first date. We will display the selected images in a gallery, online and at a special closing event  25th - 27th of August 2022 in Zurich, Switzerland.  

The “First Date” contest is organized by the creative association of
FashionMag 42, the Art Cave Zurich Gallery, Alexander Boldachev  Harp Fest Zurich, and DJ Vera Parish.

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